Let’s just talk about Wednesday’s perfect “not giving a fuck” attitude because it’s marvelous.

I just realized todays wednesday

Artist: Bryan Adams
Track Name: "Sound the Bugle"
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Sick baby robots wrapped in their little blankets o(;△;)o

Worried robot parents (;へ:)

Robot parents staying up to make sure their babies are okay (´∩`。)

Robot parents taking turns watching over and taking care of their babies           ( p′︵‵。)

Relieved robot parents watching their little babies getting better (´;ω;`)




“Now go, unleash hell.” 

I love this Gif so much..

The Foodformers
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#more than meets the rye

this fandom i s2g


predfemmewholikesstabbingthings said: Cybertronian Middle Earth



(yes this turned out MTMTE because Ratchet and Pharma, you’ll see. plus a dash of TFP. also this was originally going to be about The One Rivet but that changed… you’ll also see why hehe)

  • Tailgate, big blue-eyed cutie with a strong heart who carries The One Briefcase to the Pits of Kaon to be destroyed
  • Rewind, his best friend
  • Swerve, the silly talkative one
  • Skids, his best friend who gets him out of trouble, but also gets in to trouble with him a lot.
  • Ratchet, an old man with magic hands. friend of Orion.
  • Orion Pax, a ranger from Iacon; struggles with his true identity - heir to the lineage of Primes
  • Rodimus, beautiful prince who’s good with a bow
  • Ironhide - short, tough as nails, very dangerous over short distances
  • Sentinel, resents Orion for being true king to his kingdom, goes a bit mad for power
  • Elita One, beautiful kick ass lady and lover of Orion
  • Alpha Trion, her father; kinda raised Orion too

they fight against the baddies…

  • Tyrest, a floating crowned head that sits on a staff-shaped tower with a large veil (coughcapecough) and plans evil shit
  • Pharma, his puppet; also has magic hands; was once a friend of Ratchet;
  • Star Saber, the Bitch King of Craycray. servant of Tyrest. modelled his appearance after Tyrest himself (HUEHUEHUE)
  • the Rivetwraiths, aka Seekers. or Legislators??
  • OR Legislators as Uruk-hai YES

other notes

  • Giant Aerialbots (read: eagles) as deux ex machina saviours
  • insecticons as the trolls
  • Predaking = Smaug obviously. or the Balrog. (YES PREDAKING SLAYS RATCHET in the Mines of Nemesis but RAtchet comes back because he’s Ratchet)
  • SHIT i need a Gollum … Brainstorm??? he carries around The One Briefcase for too long and it corrupts him and he pretends to help Tailgate get rid of it but he just really wants his precious briefcase back
  • Overlord is that Lieutenant with the weird mouth who shows up at the end in the extended version of ROTK
  • i feel bad about not having Megs or the DJD but yeah deal with it
"How are you doing, Dilo?" He asked, carrying in a tray of food.
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"Fine, busy of course, but when aren’t I lately."

The tray of food didn’t go unnoticed by her.

He nodded.

"I can try reconstruct the skeletal structure, have it a bit more symmetrical. Of course the internals would need adjustment and his T-Cog would need re-writing later on. But as he develops, his frame should start to become more even."

"It wouldn’t put him too far behind his brother and sister?" she asked.  "Too far behind in milestones such as transforming would be detrimental."

"He will need special therapy to keep up, but I can almost guarantee you he will keep up."

"I’ve already figured as much, it took time to convince him to use his left legs.  The medics claim up and down that its not causing him any pain at the moment.  Of course that doesn’t stop a carrier from worrying.  Probably doesn’t help that he can’t voice his displeasure as well as his siblings."


while we’re all crying over #32, I’m laughing because my friend called Rewind a “fcking creep” for hiding in Ultra Magnus’ dead corpse. XDDD


OH GOD the best, the best the best the best, look at my precious Beast Wars OTP *A*


And that’s why I don’t write comics professionally.

I finally had the time to catch up with the comics and this was the first thing that popped up in my head after reading. I think Rung needed some mental help with this one.

Best read in Egoraptor’s Halo Reach voice.

I’ll go to bed now, I’m sorry.


"Defending the freedom of all sentient beings, I am the pretty sailor suited Autobot Sailor Cybertron. In the name of the Primes, I will punish you!"

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"Whats this about a new Predacon?"
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"Her name Kest." Jackjaw grunted quietly as she pushed a boulder back into place, effectively sealing the cache of energon stored inside. "Few stellar cycles ago I an Ocy spot something like meteor. But it wasn’t meteor. Was Predacon. She lose control when entering and blacked out. Crashed in ocean and she recovering now." There was a momentary pause. "She not from my pack… But she is from my realm.”

Jackjaw agreed wholeheartedly about leaving the pups out of this situation for the time being. There were still too many unknown variables to assure their safety. Kest was was from her realm, but she certainly wasn’t from her pack. Even if she was the wyvern would have been loathe to let her sister’s pups near her guest. “We’ll wait for you here.” Jackjaw allowed Dilo to take her leave before returning her full attention to a baffled Kest. 

Fos vun lost tinvaak ko?" The injured Predacon questioned. 
Nii los vonum vun spoken amongst Cybertronian ahrk Gol eylok. Zu’u tul don’t lost nii tum, nii los buruk vun wah zemqulek vok nau.

The grounded Predacon had disappeared from view of before she called for a bridge back to Tarn, letting it close behind her.  Back in the medical wing of the palace, the medic had done as she instructed and had the pack nearly ready.

It was a few minutes longer before the pack of painkillers and mesh patches and bandages were ready and gathered up as she prepared to return to the beach before the hatchlings picked up on the closeness of their carrier.

It was a half an hour later as she came loping back into view.